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Volunteer Park Conservatory

The Volunteer Park Conservatory (VP|C) is Seattle's historic botanical garden and a horticultural learning center, established in 1912. The Conservatory's rebrand is inspired by the iconic windows of VP|C's greenhouse as well as themes of growth and education.

Client: Volunteer Park Conservatory Year: 2020
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The conservatory consists of five distinct botanical houses with variable environments - built to house bromeliads, ferns, palms, cacti, and seasonal plants. The new brand identity system uses a particular color for each house to help categorize the conservatory's content. The color palette is derived from the standard printer paper colors, which are commonly used in schools.
Volunteer Park Conservatory (VP|C) is maintained by Seattle's Department of Parks & Recreation and the Friends of the Conservatory (FO|C). The FO|C is the non-profit organization of the conservatory - dedicated to preserving and leading public education and engagement.