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Aperture is an innovation tool powered by artificial intelligence. The platform's purpose is to help innovators find valuable opportunities across all disciplines. The identity lives primarily in the digital ether and speaks to a highly innovative customer set. To align with user's intelligent & sensible process, the brand feels polished without being overly posh. It is never stodgy, nor is it typical of a Silicon Valley startup.

Client: Aperture Year: 2022
Branding | Website | Product ‍| Digital | Motion | Print | Environmental
The logo is comprised of two parts; a wordmark and an icon. The use of a gradient in the icon represents how the intersection of two or more fields can present an opening for an opportunity. The wordmark mimics the roundness of the icon and implies a connection.
The icon can also be used as a focal graphic, and it can vary in color sets to categorize different subjects throughout the marketing materials.
Custom 3D illustrations depict the complex data analysis process done by Aperture's AI-powered tool.