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Actiontec develops broadband solutions that connect people to the Internet, applications, and content they care about. Their products include: routers, modems, high-speed gateways, wireless networking solutions, and wireless display solutions deployed by some of the largest service providers in North America. The identity expression is a traditional take on a modern service, balancing bold simplicity with technical detail.

Client: Actiontec Year: 2016-2020
Branding | Website | Digital | Print | Packaging | Campaign | Environmental
Since Actiontec was founded in 1993 the wordmark has been printed on millions of devices and countless marketing materials. Therefore, to maintain consistency and preserve the company's legacy, Form reinvented the company's identity without changing the original wordmark.
A primary element of the new identity is the mono-line illustration style. Actiontec uses this illustration style to simplify complex systems for customers.
Part of the print design assets included a new packaging system for Actiontec's consumer-facing products. Using the different blues to categorize the products according to function.