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Frankie & Jo's

Frankie & Jo’s is a plant-based ice cream company shifting how people think about ice cream. They are committed to creating unique flavors of creamy and delicious vegan ice cream using only trees and plants. The identity uses warm and creamy colors to bring sunshine to Seattleites and convey the taste of the ice cream. The identity also uses custom illustrations to highlight the plant-based production method.

Client: Frankie & Jo's Year: 2017
Branding | Website | Digital | Print | Packaging | Campaign | Environmental
The pint lineup includes custom packaging for classic flavors and a seasonal pint design allowing space for a handwritten flavor of the month.
Frankie & Jo's ice cream comes in waffle cones, wrapped with branded paper, compostable cups, and mini pints.
Frankie & Jo's started shipping ice cream to meet the high demand across the USA. The bright and illustrated packaging keeps the ice cream frozen during transport and puts a smile the customer's face upon arrival.